Drills Examples

Gear Hob Cutters

Gear cutting is a very high precision process that requires a tooling partner who can provide the right form from the start. Count on the experience base of Louis Belet by GenSwiss to furnish the finest in custom gear hob cutters. From your print, we make what you need to suit your specific requirement. Send your drawing to sales@elitecarbide.com.

Gear tooth mill cutter

Z2 - Tooth by Tooth Gear Cutters

Easy to setup, Perfect shape

Tooth by tooth gear cutting is a simple process, fast and economical for prototyping and small scale productions. This process allows cutting of all types of gear teeth, including deep teeth and asymmetrical profiles. Louis Bélet produces tooth by tooth gear cutters as circular mills or T-slot end mills & the dimensions are customized according to customer’s needs. A perfect profile is guaranteed on the tool.

Gear hobs for involute profiles

ORIGIN - Hobs for Epicyclic and Involute Teeth

Fast cutting, Clean cutting

The ORIGIN Series hobs are characterized by the high precision of the profile as well as the geometry of the whole tool. The bore tolerance (H3), the perpendicularity and the parallelism of the sides of the mill are essential features. Louis Bélet goes further than just producing high quality tools. Listening carefully to the needs of our customers, we can help them solving the troubles they may have in gear cutting. ORIGIN Series hobs differentiate themselves from our competition by delivering Swiss-made performance. 

assymmetrical gear hob tools

REVOLUTION - Hobs for Asymmetrical Gears

Fast cutting solution for deep forms

Our REVOLUTION Series hobs allows the cutting of gears which have a special profile: non symmetrical, too deep or simply not feasible using a classical gear cutting hob. 

gear hob for axial gear cutting

E2F - Hobs for Axial (end working) Gear Cutting

Easy to set up, Perfect shape, Short cycles, Burr free tooth forms

Frontal gear cutting creates sometimes a burr problem. The E2F Series hobs from Bélet decreases drastically these burrs by incorporating both roughing and finishing teeth, which guarantees a perfect final shape of the desired profile.

Gear hobs for conical form gears

TRINITY - Hobs for Conical Gears

All kinds of profiles are possible 

Cutting conical pinions or gears is also a specialty from Louis Bélet. Our TRINITY Series hob allows cutting of all kinds of conical gears, whatever the tooth shape and the form are. These hobs can be used on any gear cutting machine.